Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Contact Details mod for SalesLogix Mobile

This video show the proper way to add my "Send Contact Details mod into the new SalesLogix Mobile applications.

You can download the code for this example here...
Send Contact Details

Monday, May 23, 2011

Hype 1.0 HTML5 Animation Tool

I just grabbed this new HTML5 animation editor over the weekend called Hype. It's only for the Mac and is available via the Mac Store. This tool is my first step into "Flash type" web animation and I'm really liking it! The tool offers a time line to help you build your animations and lots of properties for the objects on the screen to tweak. This is a new area for me to play around in, but what I'm hoping is to be able to create some really nice menu items and all around pleasant screens. I'm not to sure of how this would fit into my new mobile focus, I'll just have to start playing around ;) For $30 it's worth giving it a shot if you want to start to learn about HTML5 animation.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Email client mock up for SalesLogix Mobile

I was asked to create a quick email mock up for SalesLogix Mobile. The idea here is that this client would launch an email within the devices actual email editor. The advantage of using something like this would be the ability to get access the the SalesLogix address book plus log the email into SalesLogix. So what are your thoughts?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'm on a SalesLogix Mobile High!!

I've always loved mobile devices. From my Palm Pilot right up to my iPhone/iPad and Droid X. I just think is so amazing what you can do with these small devices. The sky is the limit right now and I don't think we have even begone to see how cool these gadgets can get.

Right now my area of focus is the New SalesLogix Mobile Platform. I'm having a blast building with this new toolkit. Let me explain why and then give you some screen shots of examples I'm working on.

Why is it so much fun to build with this platform? Because of the extremely cool architecture that was created. The mobile product for all intensive purposes is really just a website designed for a small screen. Keeping that in mind you might think that changing the site would require hacking away at all the pages, not the case! The dev team at Sage created this killer module platform so you can just plug in your mods without them even touching the base product! Do I hear "No break mods" whispering in the air? Sure do!! Make all the cool stuff you want and just plug them in. If Sage makes a change to the base product you will be safe. I'll have code, videos and downloads soon to come, but right now I just wanted to get something up here on the web for you to check out ;)

These two shots show the beginning of my dashboard. What I did was created a chart.js object using my favorite charting tool Fusion Charts and now can place charts anyplace in the product I choose.

Next is the "Send Contact Details" mod shown here on my iPad2. Have you ever had someone on the phone that asked you for information about a contact in your SalesLogix system? Now you can just look that person up and send that information right out to them!

 Finally, here is the making of my signature capture tool. Imagine being on the road and able to take orders right from your mobile device. The device can tie directly into your ERP system AND capture the signature of the person buying your products. Sweet right? Sure is ;)

Well that's it for now, but rest assured there is plenty more to come. Check back for all the mobile fun and excitement!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Announcing Aptana Studio 3

A lot of my work has moved from .Net to JavaScript now and I needed a nice editor to help me out. First I started looking at WebStorm and really liked it, but to be honest just could not fork out the cash for it right now. With the quest still on for another tool I came across Aptana. This is an incredible editor that supports some many programming tools. You get code complete for a number of languages and lots of nice plug-ins. I first started using version 2 and now version 3 has just been released. If you need a nice editor for building websites you really should check this out!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My new iPad2 Case made by Grove.

So I have been on this quest for the coolest and most useful iPad2 case. I think I have found everything I wanted in this new case from Grove.

First I wanted protection. Let's face it, this thing isn't cheap and I don't want it broken. The bamboo case seems quite strong and I think it will take care of the few bumps and dings the iPad will have to endure during my travels. Plus the "Smart Cover" like front cover will handle screen protection.

Next, I wanted to be able to stand it up on a table and watch a movie and also incline it so I can type. Both of these angles are handled using the Grove version of the "Smart Cover". As an added bonus I can also stand it up tall if I need too.

I also wanted it to look cool :) Come on, the paint job really makes the car or motorcycle right? The case kind of represents you. Since I use my iPad at quite a lot of board room meetings I wanted something that would get me some attention and this case does it. Just looking at it the only thing you can think of is "Wow that's class". You could also think, "Wow, this guy has way to much disposable income" but I'll take my chances.

If you're in the market for a first class case and don't mind dropping the dime on it you need to check out Grove.

This is what mine looks like

Introducing the new Google Docs app for Android

Wow this is pretty cool! Google has done a really good job creating an application for the mobile phone that can actually manage your docs. I remember what a pain it was to try to work with docs on the old Windows Mobile devices. Having that memory in mind I was skeptical that this would really be any good at all. Well, I was surprised. Everything was very snappy and the docs seemed organized. Also, viewing them was really quite good. Again, defiantly an app to check out!